EEA:(PR) Version 07/2015 Application for a document certifying (a) performance

The publicness of immigration language policy - towards an ethics of narrative performance
EEA:(PR) Version 07/2015 Application for a document certifying (--------------------------------------------------) @ Space Time the Multiverse / Electra
Wysing Arts Centre
Saturday September 5

EEA:(PR) is a durational performance work aimed at exploring the highly questionable, political nature of UK immigration policy.  We three, through the development of this performance work, aim to explore and present in a live performance situation, through our bodies, our relations to each other, and innermost sonic abilities, the language used to examine ones suitability for successful immigration matching. We three, worked together to develop a performance algorithm and a performance score, to follow and construct a public sonic performance. 
Below are some photos from the weekend event at Wysing, including some photos of our performance. Many thanks to Electra for allowing us to perform this work and of course the Wysing centre for their support.

EEA:(PR) Version 07/2015 Application for a document certifying

 "As long as minorities’ rights to speak and to be are derived from and vested in the enabling power of liberalism, it appears, and as long as these minorities are clearly subordinate to their white sponsors, things tend to remain unproblematic for the latter. Should the reality of this power relation be exposed and its hierarchical structure be questioned, however, violence of one kind or another usually erupts, and naked forms of white racist backlash quickly reassert themselves. In the UK and EU where ethnic minorities are highly visible and significant in number, it is perhaps especially important that such classic structures of subordination remain in force, alternating between their benevolent and their violent modes as circumstances require".

R Chow The Protestant Ethnic and the Spirit of Capitalism