Radio, The Body, Meaning, and Context: A Reconsideration.

“In a performance of radical passivity we witness the willingness of the subject to actually come undone, to dramatize unbecoming for the other so that the viewer does not have to witness unbecoming as a function of her own body.”  -  J.Halberstam

Radio, The Body, Meaning, and Context: A Reconsideration.
The stagnation of radio in response to social and sexual urgency has been the significant identifiable shift in my thinking as a sound art practitioner. I therefore locate and define this event / discussion on radiophonic practices as a way of re-examining the function of radio and its relation to our bodies. 
I propose that for the Sound::Gender::Feminism::Activism Post-graduate Research Event we challenge radio programming to make meaning and contribute in a contemporary gender social context.

To do this I propose we go on a radiophonic sound walk together.

For the soundwalk, I propose we scan through and listen as a group to UK Local Radio for a few minutes. 

After the listening session, I would ask the participants to write down on a piece of paper an answer to the following question?

  • What word or short response best describes how you relate to what you hear on the radio? 

    After the listening session is complete, and the participants will be given a few minutes to completed writing down their responses to what they heard, I will then ask that the participants hold up there answers for others to see.

    Finally, I will ask the participants to hand in their answers to be documented as an initial response or beginning to a more detailed dialogue after the event.

    Further questions that may be discussed or considered at a later time:
    • Has “gender stereotyping” evolved aesthetically and situationally in support of, or, in resistance to a culture of radio broadcasting?
    • How are the roles of radio, artist, and audience situated?
    • What is the potential for radio to create civic sites for public discourse and freer gender expression?
    • What are the ways in which radiophonic art might be complicit in upholding the narratives of gender repression, capitalism, and other contested narratives?
    • What is the potential for radio to contribute knowledge production that will change our daily lives and the expand the realm of the gendered imagination? 
    • How do these BBC radio bodies relate to my body?  
  • My hope is that this short exercise will raise an awareness of gendered practices on the radio and that we can continue a more detailed discussion, perhaps online (here).

SOUND::GENDER::FEMINISM::ACTIVISM Post-graduate Research Event
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  1. 10 months later.... ;-)
    did this performance research piece happen? I'm booked in to visit the Her:Noise archive in feburary 2013, and this sounds real good- please say some more about this work, or link to whatever happened next!


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