Overdetermination - A Site Specific intervention

The title of this work was 'Overdetermination'. Its was a Sound work [w text]. [piezo speakers, headphones, text] in collaboration with artist Holly Ingleton.  Overdetermination is a term that is described by ethnologist and anthropologist Marc Aude as a situation that is perhaps too complex to allow for only one interpretation. In this situation we asked ouselves, how can we indicate if there is a question not only of disjunction, but also of continuity, [to permit the social nature of a space to be interpreted or discerned], when we are deciphering a space overloaded with meaning. Is it through a description of the organization of space, the analysis of the rules of residence, the rules of occupation and of sharing space that order and take into account  social relations, power relations, etc. How is it possible in a site such as Northcote Town Hall,  in which the representation of space is itself overloaded with meaning, to represent the space?
A part of Overdetermination attempts to address this question and our efforts to decipher the site specificity of the work, which is partially doomed to fail.